INA – Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón

Enrolment procedures and fees

Calendar (course 2018-2019)

Pre-registration application/Admission via Internet

Pre-admission (Phase 1): From 1 to 26 March 2018 (except for the University Master’s in Secondary, VIth Form, VT and Language, Artistic and PE Teaching)

Up to 75% of the places on offer can be awarded at this stage

Admission phase IIFrom 14 June to 2 July 2018

Admission phase III (for master’s courses with places available): From 3 to 24 Sept. 2018

Procedure for submitting applications:

1) Register

To make the pre-registration application, it is necessary to have the NIA (Student ID No.) and ADMINISTRATIVE PASSWORD.

Anyone who has been or is a member of the university community (students, teaching staff and administrative personnel) has this password, as do those who have done any access tests, level tests or registration at this university.

If you already have this information but have forgotten it, do not register again (the system will tell you there is another person already registered with your ID No.: you). Forgotten your administrative ID?.

If you have no previous relationship with this university, obtain your NIA (Student ID No.) and administrative password by registering here. The system will automatically send the NIA and administrative password to the applicant’s email address.

2) Complete the application


3) Documentation

YOU MUST ATTACH a SCANNED copy of all necessary documents so your application can be processed. This means a hardcopy version does not need to be sent to the centre. Later, when registering, you must bring all the necessary documents (see registration section).



Fees (Course 2017/2018)