INA – Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón

Final Master Projects offered

Master Nanomat. Proposed TFMs (course 2019-2020):




Pebax® supported membranes for post-combustion CO2 capture Javier Sánchez & Joaquín Coronas
DNA Hybrids by Dynamic Covalent Chemistry Jesús del Barrio & Silvia Hernández
Investigation of the reagents recycling on the synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Magdalena Malankowska & Joaquín Coronas
Development of novel nanosystems for the controlled release of drugs and signaling molecules in the inhibition of pathomolecular processes in the treatment of osteoarthritis Manuel Arruebo & Gracia Mendoza
Nanosystems for the improvement of drug bioavailability in the treatment of colon cancer Manuel Arruebo & Gracia Mendoza
Development of electrospun polymeric membranes for the treatment of degenerative joint diseases Silvia Irusta & Gracia Mendoza
Interaction of Cooper pairs with magnetic impurities in Tungsten Carbide type-II superconductornano-deposits David Serrate & José M. de Teresa
AFM induced pattern formation in compliant surfaces David Serrate & Juan J. Mazo
Opto-electronic devices based on atomically precise graphene nanostructures synthesized by bottom-up methods David Serrate & Jorge Lobo
Spatiotemporal control of antibiotic release from polymeric nanoparticles using real-time monitoring of bacterial skin infection progression Silvia Irusta & Gracia Mendoza
Optimization of TiO2/graphene electrode for the clean production of H2 by photoelectrocatalysis Alejandro Ansón y Ana M. Benito
Magnetic smart scaffolds for drug delivery Gerardo F. Goya
Synthesis of POM-peptide hybrids: searching for synergy to produce new bactericidal materials Elena Atrián & Scott G. Mitchell
Functional nanomaterials based on focused ion irradiation José M. de Teresa & Pilar Cea
Development of nanocatalysts to induce metabolic alterations in tumors José L. Hueso, Javier Calzada & Jesús Santamaría
Development of solution processed solar cells based on earth-abundant non-toxic nanocrystals María Bernechea & Belén Villacampa
Magnetic nanostructures grown by focused beam induced deposition José M. de Teresa & César Magén
Fabrication of YBiO3 thin films by physical and chemical solution methods Irene Lucas & Soraya Sangiao
Fabrication and characterization of nanocomposite Ni/HfO2 granular multilayers Pedro Algarabel y José Á. Pardo
Exploring the multiferroic properties of the layered perovskite NdBaMn2O6 Javier Blasco & José Á. Pardo
Analysis of enzymes by local probe microscopy Ana I. Gracia
Nanopatterning of molecules on devices by Atomic Force Microscopy Ana I. Gracia
Bacterial nanocellulose materials José M. González & Ana Benito
Superconducting sensors for nanophotonics and quantum applications Carlos Pobes & Sergio Gutiérrez
Correlations between crystal symmetry and magnetic properties of spintronic epitaxial LaCoO3thin films by aberration-corrected STEM César Magén & Rodrigo Fernández-Pacheco
Study of the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of polyoxometalates and polyoxometalates-ionic liquids and their potential for the development of new active food packaging solutions Scott G. Mitchell & Filomena Silva
2-dimensional materials for cultural heritage conservation Andrés Seral-Ascaso & Scott G. Mitchell
Spin excitations in nanoscopic magnetic systems María J. Martínez
Low-dimensional carbon and related materials: in-situ microscopy studies Raúl Arenal
Atomic configuration studies of misfit-layered compounds in the form of nanotubes Raúl Arenal
Low cost surface patterning of transparent foils by thermal nanoimprint lithography (NIL) M. Pilar Pina & Reyes Mallada
Graphene aerogels as catalyst and electrocatalyst support Enrique García-Bordejé & Ana M. Benito-Moraleja
Chemically modified surfaces for fabricating molecular electronic devices Santiago Martín-Solans & Pilar Cea
Study and applications of MOF nanofilms Ignacio Gascón & Olivier Roubeau
Electrochemical techniques for the characterization and quantification of functionalized silver nanoparticles and their interaction with antibiotics as ligands Juan C. Vidal
Development of nanostructured carbon-based catalysts for photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into added-value fuels Francisco Balas
Development of nanocatalysts with enzyme-like response for biomedical applications Javier Calzada, José L. Hueso & Jesús Santamaría
Photothermal reduction of CO2 on metal-doped TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles Francisco Balas & Jesús Santamaría
Gold nanoparticles as delivery vectors for gene therapy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Raquel Manzano