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Tunneling magnetoresistance in epitaxial discontinuos Fe/MgO multilayers
García-García, A.; Pardo, J. A.; Štrichovanec, P.; Magén, C.; Vovk, A.; de Teresa, J. M.; Kakazei, G. N.; Pogorelov, Y. G.; Morellón, L.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ibarra, M. R.
Applied Physics Letters, 98, 6831-6836. 2011.

Electron scattering processes in Ho5(SixGe1-x)4 compounds: electrical resistivity studies
Pereira, A. M.; Araújo, J. P.; Peixoto, J. R.; Braga, M. E.; Algarabel, P. A.; Magén, C.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; Sousa, J. B.
Physical Review B, 83, 144117. 2011.

Cell death induced by the application of alternating magnetic fields to nanoparticle-loaded dendritic cells
Marcos-Campos, I.; Asín, L.; Torres, T. E.; Marquina, C.; Tres, A.; Ibarra, M. R.; Goya, G. F.
Nanotechnology, 22 (20), 10-15. 2011.

Direct observation of stress accumulation and relaxation in small bundles of superconducting vortices in tungsten thin films
Guillamón, I.; Suderow, H.; Vieira, S.; Sesé, J.; Córdoba, R.; de Teresa, J. M.; Ibarra, M. R.
Physical Review Letter, 106, 077001. 2011.

Ferromagnet-superconductor nanocontacts Brown by focused electron/ion beam techniques for current-in-plane Andreev reflection measurements
Sangiao, S.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Solid State Communications, 151 (1), 37-41. 2011.

Hysteresis loops of individual Co nanostripes measured by magnetic force microscopy
Jaafar, M.; Serrano-Ramón, L.; Iglesias-Freire, O.; Fernández-Pacheco, A.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.; Asenjo, A.
Nanoscale Research Letters, 6, 1-6. 2011.

Quantitative analysis of the weak anti-localization effect in ultrathin bismuth films
Sangiao, S.; Marcano, N.; Fan, J.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Europhysics Letters, 95, 37002. 2011.

Quantification and minimization of disorder caused by focused electron beam induced deposition of cobalt on grapheme
Michalik, J. M.; Roddaro, S.; Casado, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Microelectronic Engineering, 88, 2063-2065. 2011.

Investigation of the influence on graphene by using electron-beam and photo-lithography
Fan, J.; Michalik, J. M.; Casado, L.; Roddaro, S.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Solid State Communications, 151, 1574. 2011.

Designing Novel Hybrid Materials by One-Pot Co-Condensation: From Hydrophobic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles to Superamphiphobic Cotton Textiles
Pereira, C.; Alves, C.; Monteiro, A.; Magén, C.; Pereira, A. M.; Ibarra, A.; Ibarra, M. R.; Tavares, P. B.; Araújo, J. P.; Blanco, G.; Pintado, J. M.; Carvalho, A. P.; Pires, J.; Pereira, M. F. R.; Freire, C.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 3 (7), 2289-2299. 2011.

Distinguishing magnetic and electrostati interactions by a Kelvin probe force microscopy–magnetic force microscopy combination
Jaafar, M.; Iglesias-Freire, O.; Serrano-Ramón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.; Asenjo, A.
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 2, 552-560. 2011.

Ultrasmall Functional Ferromagnetic Nanostructures Grown by Focused Electron-Beam-Induced Deposition
Serrano-Ramón, L.; Córdoba, R.; Rodríguez, L. A.; Magén, C.; Snoeck, E.; Gatel, C.; Serrano, I.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
ACSNano, 5 (10), 7781-7787. 2011.

Unveiling the (De)coupling of magnetostructural transition nature in magnetocaloric R5Si2Ge2 (R=Tb, Gd) materials
Pereira, A. M.; Kampert, E.; Moreira, J. M.; Zeitler, U.; Belo, J. H.; Magén, C.; Algarabel, P. A.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; Goncalves, J. N.; Amaral, J. S.; Amaral, V. S.; Sousa, J. B.; Araújo, J. P.
Applied Physics Letters, 99, 13, 132510, 2011.

Focused electron beam induced etching of titanium with XeF2
Schoenacker, F. J.; Córdoba, R.; Fernández-Pacheco, R.; Magén, C.; Stephan, O.; Zuriaga-Monroy, C.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Nanotechnology, 22(26), 1-9. 2011.

Nanoscale chemical and structural study of Co-based FEBID structures by STEM-EELS and HRTEM
Córdoba, R.; Fernández-Pacheco, R.; Fernández-Pacheco, A.; Glotter, A.; Magén, C.; Stephan, O.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Nanoscale Research Letters, 6, 592-597. 2011.

Andreev reflection under high magnetic fields in ferromagnet-superconductor nanocontacts
Sangiao, S.; de Teresa, J. M.; Ibarra, M. R.; Guillamón, I.; Suderow, H.; Vieira, S.; Morellón, L.
Physical Review B, 84 (23), 233402. 2011.

Fe:O:C grown by focused-electron-beam induced deposition: magnetic and electric properties
Lavrijsen, R.; Córdoba, R.; Schoenaker, F. J.; Ellis, T. H.; Barcones, B.; Kohlhepp, J. T.; Swagten, H. J. M.; Koopmans,B.; de Teresa, J. M.; Magén, C.; Ibarra, M. R.; Trompenaars P.; Mulders, J. J. L.
Nanotechnology, 22, 110-111. 2011.

Morphology, magnetic and resonance properties of Fe/MgO multilayers
García-García, A.; Vovk, A.; Štrichovanec, P.; Pardo, J. A.; Magén, C.; Golub, V.; Salyuk, O.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ibarra, M. R.
JEMS 2010 – Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 303, 012052. 2011.

Understanding the role played by Fe on the tuning of magnetocaloric effect in Tb5Si2Ge2
Pereira, A. M.; dos Santos, A. M.; Magén, C.; Sousa, J. B.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ren, Y.; Ritter, C.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; Araújo, J. P.
Applied Physics Letters, 98 (12), 225-234. 2011.


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