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Structural and magnetic study of Tb1-xCaxMnO3
Blasco, J.; Ritter, C.; García, J.; de Teresa, J. M.; Pérez-Cacho, J.; Ibarra, M. R.
Physical Review B, 62, 5609-5618. 2000.

Volume and Anisotropic Spontaneous Striction in Layered Manganites: Role of Charge Localization and Magnetic Interactions
García-Landa, B.; Marquina, C.; Ibarra, M. R.; Balakrishnan, G.; Lees, M. R.; McK Paul, D.
Physical Review Letters, 84, 995-998. 2000.

NMR Probe of Phase Segregation in Electron Doped Mixed Valence Manganites
Kapusta, C.; Riedi, P. C.; Sikora, M.; Ibarra, M. R.
Physical Review Letters, 84, 4216-4219. 2000.

Nuclear magnetic resonance study of magnetic phase segregation in La1-xCaxMnO3
Kapusta C.; Riedi, P. C.; Kocemba, W.; Ibarra, M. R.; Coey, J. M. D.
Journal of Applied Physics,87 (9), 7121-7123. 2000.

Nature of the first-order antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic transition in the Ge-rich magnetocaloric compounds Gd5(SixGe1-x)4
Morellón, L.; Blasco, J.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ibarra, M. R.
Physical Review B, 62, 1022-1026. 2000.

Antiferromagnetic spin flop and exchange bias
Nogués, J.; Morellón, L.; Leighton, C.; Ibarra, M. R.; Schuller, I. K.
Physical Review B, 61, R6455-R6458. 2000.

Structural and magnetic properties of double perovskites AA’FeMoO6 (AA’=Ba2, BaSr, Sr2 and Ca2)
Ritter, C.; Ibarra, M. R.; Morellón, L.; Blasco, J.; García, J.; de Teresa, J. M.
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 12, 8295-8308. 2000.

Direct evidence of phase segregation and magnetic-field-induced structural transition in Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 by neutron diffraction
Ritter, C.; Mahendiran, R.; Ibarra, M. R.; Morellón, L.; Maignan, A.; Raveau, B.; Rao, C. N. R.
Physical Review B, 61, R9229-R9232. 2000.

Multiphase magnetic analysis through the martensitic transition on TbCu
Señas, A.; Espeso, J. I.; Rodríguez Fernández, J.; García J.; Gómez Sal, J. C.; Rodríguez Carvajal, J.; Ibarra, M. R.
Physica B, 276, 614-615. 2000.

Hall Effect in Gd5(Si1.8Ge2.2)
Stankiewicz, J.; Morellón, L.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ibarra, M. R.
Physical Review B, 61, 12651-12653. 2000.


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