Head of the Magnetism Section of the European Physical Society since 2000, he has participated in more than 30 scientific committees. The most relevant ones are: the 19th International Conference on Magnetism ICM2012 in Busan (Corea) in 2012; and the 25th Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the EPS (CMD25) in Paris (France) in 2014. He has also been the coordinator of the Symposium “Medical, biomedical, biomagnetic and biotechnology applications” in JEMS 2013 Joint European Magnetic Symposia, in Rhodes (Greece) in 2013; the Symposium “Biological Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles” in the EUROMAT 2013 European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes in Seville in 2013; and the Topic 5: “Magnetic Materials and Technologies for: energy, information & life” in the 20th International Conference on Magnetism.

Member of the scientific committee in the Institute of Applied Magnetism, Laboratory “Salvador Velayos”, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ADIF, CSIC. Since 2017.



Latest participations in International Committees

July 16th-21th 2018, San Francisco (United States).

The 21st International Conference on Magnetism, ICM2018, is part of the ICM conference series supported by IUPAP.

Prof. Ibarra, member of the Advisory Committee.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Second meeting of Working Group 3 of the COST Action “European Network of Multidisciplinary Research and Translation of Autophagy Knowledge”, Madrid, 23-24 marzo 2017. Chairman de la Sesión 3: Biotechnological applications: nanotechnology, biofuel and bioproducts from plants and algae”.

Member of the International Advisory Committee of JEMS 2016 Joint European Magnetic Symposia. Glasgow (UK). 2016.

Member of the Programme Committee of the 20th International Conference on Magnetism. Coordinator of Topic 5: “Magnetic Materials and Technologies for: energy, information & life”.
Barcelona (Spain). July 5th – 10th 2015.

M. R. Ibarra: Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Workshop on Thermospin Effects.
Zaragoza (Spain). July 3rd 2015.


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