Curriculum Vitae

Professor M. Ricardo Ibarra has been developing his academic and research activity as Full professor at the University of Zaragoza since 1995. He was head of Condensed Matter Physic Department (1993-2000), commissioned for the foundation of the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) in 2000, and Director since its foundation in 2003. Furthermore, he is Director of the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (LMA) since 2007. Director of the Institute of Nanoscience Fundation since 2015 and President of the recently integrated National Singular Infrastructure (ICTS) on Electron Microscopy (ELECMI). He has been selected as Member of many Advisory Committee Boards. He was head of the Magnetism Section of the European Physical Society 2000-2018, and he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the AGH University (Krakow – Poland) in 2008. Award to the scientific excellence 2009 Aragón Governement. He has been key promoter in the creation of three technological companies and being currently scientific advisor: NanoScale Biomagnetics, Nanoimmunotech and Graphene Nanotech. His research has been developed in magnetism and functional nanostructures. Along the past few years, his research activity is focused on the magnetic, superconducting and thermoelectric properties of nanostructured materials and the application of nanotechnology in biomedicine.

Coauthor of 449 publications and 17 book chapters. Around 185 belong to the first quartile (Q1), and many of them have an impact factor greater than 5.00, such as Condensed Matter (5), Nano Today (1), Nature Communications (2), Nature Physics (2), Nano Letters (3), ACS Nano (3), Physical Review Letters (9), Advanced Functional Materials (1), Chemistry of Materials (2), Small (1), Biosensors & Bioelectronics (1), Nature Scientific Reports (6). Furthermore, 39 of the publications have been cited more than 100 and 19 more than 200 times, being one of the most cited experimental physicists in Spain.

Google Scholar: H-index: 69. Citations: 19,900.

Web of Science: ID: K-115 0-2014. H-index: 59. Publications: 418. Citations: more than 14,400.

Scopus ID: H-index: 56. Publications: 440. Citations: around 14,800.

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