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1s2p resonant inelastic x-ray scattering-magnetic circular dichroism: A sensitive probe of 3d magnetic moments using hard x-ray photons
Sikora, M.; Juhin, A.; Simon, G.; Zając, M.; Biernacka, K.; Kapusta, C.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; Glatzel, P.
Journal of Applied Physics, 111, 07E301. 2012.

Phase Control studies in Gd5Si2Ge2 Giant Magnetocaloric Compound
Belo, J. H.; Pereira,A. M.; Ventura, J.; Oliveira, G. N. P.; Araújo, J. P.; Tavares, P. B.; Fernández, L.; Algarabel, P. A.; Magén, C.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.
Journal of Alloys and compounds, 529, 89-95. 2012.

Combinatorial pulsed laser deposition of Fe/MgO granular multilayers
García-García, A.; Pardo, J. A.; Navarro, E.; Štrichovanec, P.; Vovk, A.; Morellón, L.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ibarra, M. R.
Applied Physics A, 107, 871-876. 2012.

Controlled Cell Death by Magnetic Hyperthermia: Effects of Exposure Time, Field Amplitude, and Nanoparticle Concentration
Asín, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; Tres, A.; Goya, G. F.
Pharmaceutical Research, 29, 1319-1327. 2012.

Correlation between the magnetic imaging of cobalt nanoconstrictions and their magnetoresistance response
Fernández-Pacheco, A.; Serrano-Ramón, L. E.; Tyliszczak, T.; Chou, K. W.; Córdoba, R.; Szkudlarek, A.; O’ Brien, L.; Kapusta, C.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Nanotechnology, 23, 105703. 2012.

Quantitative biomolecular sensing station based on magnetoresistive patterned arrays
Serrate, D.; de Teresa, J. M.; Marquina, C.; Marzo, J.; Saurel, D.; Cardoso, F. A.; Cardoso, S.; Freitas, P. P.; Ibarra, M. R.
Biosensors and bioelectronics, 35, 206-212. 2012.

Effect of PEG biofunctional spacers and TAT peptide on dsRNA loading on gold nanoparticles
Sanz, V.; Conde, J.; Hernández, Y.; Baptista, P.; Ibarra, M. R.; de la Fuente, J. M.
Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 14, 917. 2012.

Effect of Magnet Implant on Iron Biodistribution of Fe@C Nanoparticles in the Mouse
Escribano, E.; Fernández-Pacheco, R.; Valdivia, J. G.; Ibarra, M. R.; Marquina, C.; Queralt, J.
Archives of Pharmacal Research, 35 (1), 93-100, 2012.

Giant anomalous Hall effect in Fe-based microwires grown by focused-electron-beam-induced deposition
Córdoba, R.; Lavrijsen, R.; Fernández-Pacheco, A.; Ibarra, M. R.; Schoenaker, F.; Ellis, T.; Barcones-Campo, B.; Kohlhepp, J. T.; Swagten, H. J. M.; Koopmans, B.; Mulders, J. J. L.; de Teresa, J. M.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 45, 035001. 2012.

Poly-l-lysine-coated magnetic nanoparticles as intracellular actuators for neural guidance
Riggio, C.; Calatayud, M. P.; Hosking, C. I.; Pinkernelle, J.; Sanz, B.; Torres, T.; Ibarra, M. R.; Wang, L.; Keilhoff, G.; Goya, G.; Raffa, V.; Cuschieri, A.
International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7, 3155-3166, 2012.

Magnetism and magnetocaloric effect of single-crystal Er5Si4 under pressure
Marcano, N.; Algarabel, P. A.; Rodríguez Fernández, J.; Magén, C.; Morellón, L.; Singh Niraj, K.; Lschlagel, D.; Gschneidner, K. A.; Pecharsky, V. K.; Ibarra, M. R.
Physical Review B, 85, 024408, 2012.

Ultrathin MgO Coating of Superparamagnetic MagnetiteNanoparticles by Combined Coprecipitation and Sol−Gel Synthesis
De Matteis, L.; Custardoy, L.; Fernández-Pacheco, R.; Magén, C.; de la Fuente,J. M.; Marquina, C.; Ibarra, M. R.
Chemistry of Materials, 24, 451-456. 2012.

Magnetic Properties of Epitaxial Discontinuous Fe/MgO Multilayers
García-García, A.; Pardo, J. A.; Štrichovanec, P.; Magén, C.; Vovk, A.; de Teresa, J. M.; Kakazei, G. N.; Pogorelov, Y. G.; Golub, V.; Salyuk, O.; Morellón, L.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ibarra, M. R.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 12 (9), 7505-7509. 2012.

Application of magnetically induced hyperthermia in the model protozoan Crithidia fasciculata as a potencial therapy against parasitic infections
Grazú, V.; Silber, A. M.; Moros, M.; Asín, L.; Torres, T. E.; Marquina, C.; Ibarra, M. R.; Goya, G. F.
International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7, 5351-5360. 2012.

GMR Sensors and magnetic nanoparticles for inmuno-chromatographic assays
Marquina, C.; de Teresa, J. M.; Serrate, D.; Marzo, J.; Cardoso, F. A.; Saurel, D.; Cardoso, S.; Freitas, P. P.; Ibarra, M. R.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 324, 3495-3498. 2012.

Tailoring the magnetism of Tb5Si2Ge2 compounds by La substitution
Belo, J. H.; Pereira, A. M.; Araújo, J. P.; de la Cruz, C.; dos Santos, M.; Gonçalves, J. N.; Amaral, V. S.; Morellón, L.; Ibarra, M. R.; Algarabel, P. A.; Magén, C.
Physical Review B, 86, 014403. 2012.

Autocatalytic growth of Co on pure Co surfaces using Co2(CO)8 precursor
Córdoba, R.; Sesé, J.; Ibarra, M. R.; de Teresa, J. M.
Applied Surface Science, 263, 242-246. 2012.

Design of multifunctional gold nanoparticles for In Vitro and In Vivo gene silencing
Conde, J.; Ambrosone, A.; Sanz, V.; Hernández, Y.; Marchesano, V.; Tian, F.; Child, H.; Berry, C. C.; Ibarra, M. R.; Baptista, P. V.; Tortiglione, C.; de la Fuente, J. M.
ACS Nano, 6, 8316-8324. 2012.

Development and evaluation of 90Y-labeled albumin microspheres loaded with magnetite nanoparticles for possible applications in cancer therapy
Radovic, M.; Vranjes-Duric, S.; Nikolic, N.; Jankovic, D.; Goya, G. F.; Torres, T. E.; Calatayud, M. P.; Bruvera, I. J.; Ibarra, M. R.; Spasojevic, v.; Jancar, B.; Antic, B.
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22, 24017-24025. 2012.

Synthesis, application, and tracking of magnetic carbon-coated nanoparticles in plants
Pérez-de-Luque, A.; Cifuentes, Z.; Marquina, C.; de la Fuente. J. M.; Ibarra, M. R.
Methods in Molecular Biology, 906, 263-272. 2012.

Magnetic Properties of CoFe0.5Cr1.5O4 Nanoparticles
Márquez, G.; Sagredo, V.; Marquina, C.; Torres. T. E.; Ibarra, M. R.; Goya, F. G.
Revista Mexicana de Física S, 58 (2), 138-141. 2012.


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