INA – Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón

Laboratory for synthesis and functionalization of nanosystems

  Laboratory for synthesis and functionalization of nanosystems


Laboratory dedicated to the synthesis, characterization and functionalization of nanosystems.


Nanomaterials such as nanotubes, nanoporous materials, nanoparticles and variousorganic and inorganic structures, are functionalized with proteins, carbohydrates and peptides to potentially generate biocompatible nanomaterials for biomedical use. It also conducts studies of biocompatibility of nanoparticles and surfacesbiofuncionalizadas and cellular response against new materials.

The equipment of this laboratory is used for separation of products and analytical and preparative scale high performance liquid chromatography and medium resolution, separation equipmentusing high-speed thin layer. And other teams electrophoresis systems biochemistry as vertical and horizontal centrifugal, particle analyzers, bacteriological and CO2 incubator, orbital shaker, protein purification system, UV-VIS spectrophotometer and a fluorescence inverted microscope.

This Laboratory is the unit no. 9 of NANBIOSIS, the Design and production of biomaterials, nanomaterials and devices to their preclinical validation Infraestucture, of CIBER-BBN and Jesus Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre, which has been recognized by MINECO as Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (ICTS).banner NANBIOSIS en