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Professor M. Ricardo Ibarra, head of the INA since its creation in 2003, has been developing his academic and research activity as Full professor at the University of Zaragoza since 1995. He was head of Condensed Matter Physic Department (1993-2000), commissioned for the foundation of the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) in 2000, and Director since its foundation in 2003. Furthermore, he is Director of the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (LMA) since 2007. He has been selected as Member of several Advisory Committee Boards. He is head of the Magnetism Section of the European Physical Society since 2000, and he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the AGH University (Krakow – Poland) in 2008. He has taken part in the creation of two technological companies. He is actually managing partner and scientific consultant of NanoScale Biomagnetics -Spin off of the University of Zaragoza, since 2008- and Nanoimmunotech -Spin off of the University of Zaragoza and University of Vigo since 2009. He holds 11 patents related to his research projects (3 of them with international extension).
His research has been developed in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. Along the past few years his research activity is focused on the magnetic properties of nanostructured materials and the application of nanotechnology in biomedicine.
He is first author or co-author of 435 publications -424 papers belonging to the Science Citation Index (29 of them cited more than 100 times).

Nanoscience is the most outstanding sample of today’s technology. Working at the nanometric scale has allowed for the design and creation of new material structures and new materials, nanodevices, sensors and actuators, which have provided our society with new, leading products, solutions and applications.

Nanoscience is a strategic line in Spain’s National Plan for Research 2008-2011, which has enabled the dissemination of our frontier research activity and the setting up of World-class infrastructures within the Institute. This projections has boosted our possibilities of being innovators, competitive and dynamic internationally in the fields of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

The Institute has high-level Experts of different disciplines: Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biochemistry and Medicine, which allows us to perform a multidisciplinary research using all branches of knowledge to address Nanoscience. This is increasingly showing in the leading role INA is playing in obtaining funds from the interdisciplinary calls.

The quick success of our Institute is being possible thanks to the collaboration already existing with other Research Institute, such as the Aragon Institute for Materials Science, as well as with other university departments and Zaragoza’s Clinic Hospital, which has driven its vast experience in the different research areas towards a new multidisciplinary research model.

Prof. Dr. Manuel Ricardo Ibarra García
INA Director